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toip-logoToIP Deliverables

Under our Linux Foundation Joint Development Foundation (JDF) charter, each ToIP Foundation Working Group (WG) can produce a variety of deliverable types. This repo covers the lifecycle management process for the work products ("deliverables") of the ToIP Foundation.


This repository serves several purposes:

  1. Document and maintain the process information for contributing to the ToIP Foundation.
  2. Storage and version control for a subset of the Foundation's deliverables.
  3. Publication process for our Deliverables Portal, an interactive GitHub Pages website.
  4. Manages a list of industry adoption activity.

Portal Development

This repo contains the content resources for the generation of documentation associated with the contribution process and state of our deliverables. It contains the tools necessary to generate this documentation in two rendering formats (printed, online). Please refer to our Portal Build Process for more details.

Getting Started

The ToIP Foundation maintains a variety of active and inactive activities that adhere to a specific process for the maturation and publication of deliverables that are relevant to:

  • Work within the same working group
  • Work within another working group
  • Work within another community or SDO

There are several ways in which you can get acquainted with our work.


If you are here to explore the work products of the ToIP Foundation, we recommend you refer to the Deliverables Results section of our Deliverables Portal as it provides a current listing of all work product efforts and their statuses.


If you have an idea for a new instance of one of our types of deliverables, please consider making a contribution:


The goal of the ToIP Foundation is to help define a complete architecture for Internet-scale digital trust that combines both cryptographic trust at the machine layer and human trust at the business, legal, and social layers. Our work products with be positioned at various levels of such an architecture and will mature at disparate rates. Please familiar yourself with the lifecycle management process for our deliverables and then when/where appropriate we welcome your feedback on how you plan or have consumed our work. Please keep us informed of your activities by submitted a pull-request against our adoption matrix.