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Saturn-V TIP

The Saturn-V TIP is a recommendation of the ToIP Foundation that prescribes a specific recipe of technical components that are assembled according to particular design principles and best practices in support of a wide range of use cases.

A ToIP Interoperability Profile (TIP) is a deliverable of the ToIP Technology Stack Working Group.


  • Richard Esplin
  • Dan Gisolfi

Our Recipe

The vendors supporting this TIP have agreed to develop software that supports the following solution components and will be compliant with the associated test suites for these components:

ToIP Technical Stack Layer TIP Technology
Three Hyperledger Aries
Two Hyperledger Aries with DIDComm
One Hyperledger Indy
  1. Layer 1: Public Identity Utilities that implement the Indy DID Method Specification.

  2. Layer 2: Digital Wallet and Agent software that leverage the DIDComm plug-in in Hyperledger Aires which is compliant with the ToIP TSS0011: Layer 1 Interop Spec.

  3. Layer 3: Digital Wallet and Agent software that leverage Hyperledger Aires and is compliant with the ToIP TSS0012: Layer 2 Interop Spec.